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The breakthrough from the traditional schooling timetable provides flexible learning arrangements that the regular core programme will be delivered in the morning session while Featured Programme will be arranged in the afternoon session.
The regular core programme covers subjects like Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, General Studies, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Music, Computer Studies, Putonghua and Library Lesson.

Our school emphasizes the learning of both the Chinese and English Languages. Along with promoting traditional Chinese culture, appropriate supplementary English teaching materials in Mathmatics and General Studies (Life and Science) will be selected to enrich students' English learning experience.


Monday to Friday

Morning Session

Regular Courses:Chinese Language, English Language*, Mathematics^, General Studies(Life & Science^, Social & Humanities), Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Information Technology, Putonghua, Library

Afternoon Session

Featured Programme (In-class Experts, STEAM, Discovery Learning, Global and Civil Education)

Tutorial Classes

After School

Extra-curricular Activities, Gifted Programme, Reinforcement and Enhancement Programme

*Medium of Instruction: English     ^Chinese and English teaching materials

To meet the needs of students to enhance the effectiveness of learning, teaching and evaluation:

We are committed to cultivating our students in a strong sense of passion for learning, as well as nurturing them to become Self-directed Learners in the future. Throughout the process of participating in the curriculum design, we lay the same stress on knowledge, capabilities, values ​​and attitudes that are equally important in all aspects.

Due to the implementation of student-centered teaching and learning, our school puts emphasis on the importance of self-directed learning and provides students the opportunities to experience Learning by Doing. Meanwhile, the teaching team has devoted much effort in organizing various subject-based learning activities to increase the interest of students in learning those subjects.

Moreover, a wide range of assessment strategies are adopted so as to provide timely and quality feedback to help enhance the smooth transition of students at different learning stages. There will be no examinations for Primary One students throughout the first school year. Alternatively,  “formative assessment” and “learning reports” are used to collect evidence of student learning and provide feedback to enhance learning. In case any learning difficulties are found, we will follow up closely with the students and parents as well.